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Kitty Pigfish - (aka: 'Pigfish') - is also a multi Award-Winning and Highly Popular Ambient - Jazz - Ballet and Dance Music Composer - and - Ambient and Jazz Keyboard Musician - and multi Award-Winning Songwriter - a Unique Comedy Singing Ventriloquist and Walkabout and Mix and Mingle Ventriloquist-Puppeteer (aka: 'Miss Merlynda & Her Cheeky Chatty Puppets! - and - a multi Award-Winning Comedy and Love Songs Singer-Songwriter and Comedy and Romantic Poet For Adults - and - a multi Award-Winning Children's Songwriter and Children's Poet (aka: 'Merlynda Jelly Jaws') - and - an Award-Winning and much-published Romantic Love & Nature Poet and Singer-Songwriter - and she performs her Hilarious and Delightfully Enchanting Live Unique Comedy Singing Ventriloquist Puppetry Acts - her multi Award-Winning Comedy and Love Songs and Poems - her Award-Winning Ambient and Jazz Music - and -  Dance and Ballet Music - Live For Audiences - at Public Events such as Festivals - Fairs - Markets - and - at Private Events such as Parties - Weddings - and - Celebratory Events - and - she performs her Unique Comedy Singing Live Ventriloquism Acts with her Collection of Vintage Ventriloquist Dolls - for the general public regularly at Festivals.  She also conducts Professional Workshops In The Art & Techniques of Ventriloquism - and her 'A Gottle O' Gear' Professional Ventriloquism Workshops are enormously popular at Literary, Drama and Puppetry Festivals! She is also the former Founder & Resident Trainer of 'The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain'.

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Merlynda - Ambient and Jazz Keyboard Musician and Composer

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Miss Merlynda - Ventriloquist-Puppeteer

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